Hello published writers of dead links…

Going through my own list of published links, I realized some of my favorite on-line markets are no longer on-line. I didn’t know how to feel about this. Should I re-submit my work or let it be?  It felt like a part of my writing history died, well, because it did.

So, coincidentally, Rusty Barnes, author and editor, posted on Facebook that he had 50-60 stories in purgatory. So I thought of something–We are not alone.

so, THIS

After your story was published in that on-line journal that died, I’ll post it here, submit to ctgager37@gmail.com with proof of work being previously published from a dead market. (Original e-mail of acceptance, dead or link from your webpage that leads to nothing.)

Timothy Gager, Editor, www.timothygager.com

GUIDELINES Send all submissions to ctgager37@gmail.com

1. Send previously published works of fiction or poetry as a .doc, along with proof of dead link, as stated above.

2. To qualify, market must no longer exist, or they’ve not archived their work.

3. If you’ve re-posted it on your blog or on places like Fictionaut, or if I can google it, then it won’t qualify to be posted.


9 thoughts on “Hello published writers of dead links…

    1. Yes, Ron. If you send them to me and the original publisher (date or rough estimate of date), and proof, I’ll give them a home you can link to


      1. I doubt it. I never thought to save those emails. But they had website that listed the issues and artists featured. Perhaps it is still up.


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